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The Gazelle Creative is your agency alternative for fast and hassle-free marketing services

My name is Jasmine Sanchez and I am The Gazelle Creative. I am a writer, strategist, Squarespace website designer, and overall marketing enthusiast. I know what it takes to be a brand ambassador and I enjoy helping businesses solve their marketing challenges with a data-driven approach. Whether you need me as a consultant to lead your internal marketing team or you'd like me to fully manage your marketing efforts, I'm glad you're here.


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Wordsmith, Copywriter, call it what you want, but know that you're always going to need a skilled writer available to write content for your brand. Getting deep into the details of your brand is what helps me successfully portray your tone, subject matter, and style. Whether your website needs fresh content or you need someone to manage your blog posts, give your prospects something worth reading. Leave the writing up to me.

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There's no better way to show your prospects and clients that you're on top of industry trends than by posting relevant and creative content via social media. I manage and create content for social media channels so you don't have to. Continually keeping your brand's awareness up and your followers engaged is what I do best.


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LinkedIn training, Social Media 101, Content Strategy Creation, whatever your team may need in terms of marketing workshops, we can strategize a customizable plan and give your team the resources and ideas they'll use to execute a flawless marketing strategy. Giving your team-members the tools required in order to be the best brand ambassadors they can be for your brand will improve your brand awareness and positively affect your bottom line.


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Over half of the world's population is on the internet. That's more than enough reason for your brand to be easily accessible on the World Wide Web. I specialize in simple, user and mobile-friendly website design. My job is to make sure your audience knows who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with your brand. Don't leave anyone guessing. Invest in your web presence. After all, your competitors are probably already doing it.

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content strategy

Having a clear roadmap for your content marketing strategy is the first step towards a successful, direct connection to your prospects and clients. Knowing what to share and where to share it is something I can help you better understand. Everything you do, every marketing effort you make, should be thoughtful and intentional, or you're wasting time and time is money!


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